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Ticket Punched! BU Is Going to the NCAA Tournament

Bradley University MVC Champions

THIS IS BIG! If you go to/work for a Power 5 school, this isn’t big for you. You don’t understand the feeling of securing a spot in the tourney, because your team is there all the time. You don’t understand the feeling of bringing home a conference championship trophy for the first time in 31 years. Let me fill you in…it’s pretty sweet.

Front Office Tears

For anyone that works in the front office of a sports organization, you know how much it means for your team to bring in a championship. Although I didn’t make any baskets, I did put a lot of blood sweat and tears into this basketball season, and this championship makes all those hard days seem really worth it. It feels amazing for our student athletes to finally feel validated in their hard work and dedication to the program. And ultimately it feels incredible for our fans. Some fans remember the last time the Braves won the MVC Tournament in 1988, and they’ve been waiting a long time for Bradley to be back on top.

This championship also means new and exciting experiences for me. I’ve already gotten to assist in the Welcome Home Parties, Selection Sunday Parties and more to come! It’s a whirlwind and takes a quick turnaround to put on these events, but I’ll take the hustle all day long, if it means Bradley and our fans get to celebrate this incredible win.

On the Up and Up

I don’t know what happens next other than we get to go to the Big Dance, and that’s more than enough for me. I also know that the Monday after the tournament was the BEST Monday ever. All you could hear were the sound of championship highlights echoing through the halls of the athletic office.

I’m looking forward to whatever this adventure brings and I am one proud alum and Marketing Assistant. Can’t wait to see what splash the team makes during the NCAA Tournament and I know for sure we are all going to enjoy the ride!

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