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    Goodbye Bradley Basketball

    While the NCAA Tournament is in full swing, Bradley’s Big Dance came to an end on Thursday against Michigan State. We had a lot of fun and relished in the moments of leading a top 10 team, making some big plays, and watching our players partake in the experience of a lifetime. 1st Time Going Dancing It was a historic moment for BU, but it was also a historic moment for my career. And yes, my career history deserves to be called “historic”…at least in my eyes! My first job with a collegiate athletics program, my Alma Mater, and it all led to being able to experience my first NCAA…

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    Ticket Punched! BU Is Going to the NCAA Tournament

    THIS IS BIG! If you go to/work for a Power 5 school, this isn’t big for you. You don’t understand the feeling of securing a spot in the tourney, because your team is there all the time. You don’t understand the feeling of bringing home a conference championship trophy for the first time in 31 years. Let me fill you in…it’s pretty sweet. Front Office Tears For anyone that works in the front office of a sports organization, you know how much it means for your team to bring in a championship. Although I didn’t make any baskets, I did put a lot of blood sweat and tears into this…

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    You Don’t Have to Like My Career Choices!!

    This one hits close to home. If you have an “unconventional” career goal, I’m sure you’ve gotten a lot of pushback. “It’s not stable.” “It’s going to be really hard.” and the best question of them all, “Are you going to make enough money?” That one right there makes me want to scream. I work in sports. I’ve worn many different hats but would call myself a professional sports marketer. It’s a career that has given me some incredible highs and some incredible lows. I have done everything from being dancing corn (yes really) to creating awesome in-game promotion ideas to draw in new fans. It’s a grind and requires…

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    It’s Time to Get My Shit Together

    I’ve blown off my blog for a few months now…I got super motivated to move it over to a new hosting platform and make it unique and jump back on the wagon…and then I just got lazy. To be fair, I’ve been juggling a lot of different things, but I definitely could have made time for this, and I didn’t. But I’m back and ready to get moving! Slow Start 2019 has already been a bit of a whirlwind. I turned 24, we took a trip to Vegas, and I’ve been applying to new jobs like crazy. 2018 was a rollercoaster for me and in 2019 I’m just focused on…

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    Hi Guys!

    New Blogs Coming Soon It’s been a crazy few months guys. I promise that I’m getting back on the blogging bus here soon! Right now I’m focusing on spending some time with family for the holidays and making this website awesome! If you have any blog posts you’d like to see, comment down below!